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Natsuki Otake Exhibition
idola specus"
16th,Jan - 26th Jan 2008
place: gallery POINT
reception party
: 16th,Jan 19:00-21:00
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A heroine who appears in the Japanese girls' comic.
And the girl's idols appearing to the television.
There is a dazzling light around her.
Natsuki Otake was charmed by the light and brightness,when she was a teen ager.
And she began to observe a origin of the brightness, during "Tama Art University" and expressed it as her art work.
She met a method of batik print that is technique to express extremely bright.
A lot of small thin silk pieces. She was arrived at a style to put the pieces together.
Her works are Dazzling like a high brightness LCD screen.
But on the other hand,two-dimensional,thin, and being transparent like air.
In Japan in particular.
The girl's idols who win popularity in TV media_ They are the chief characters who formed current Japanese girl culture with a spectator.
And then,after 90's.They transformed and enlarged an influence domain in the delusion of the spectator.
What will there be in the destination,the eyes of idols stare at in Otake's work?
Does it suggest a mental situation that today's Japanese society falls into?
Will it be "cave of idols = idola specus" which shares the etymology with"AIronically.

gallery POINT /director: Shinya Furui

"Drops" 1460×1570mm / Silk, an adhesion core, acid dye, a color / batik print/2008

"Idea" 2150×4100mm / Silk, an adhesion core, acid dye, a color/ batik print / 2008

<comment by artist>
She always undertake a greed from circumference.
The symbol who continues giving a light and hope for me.
She is an idol and lives in the forest of a delusion.
I appreciate her who let me give a temporary day dream.

<artist profile>
1982: Born in Gunma.
2006: Graduate at Tama Art University.
2008: A graduate school program
2007: Groupe exhibition “FOUR-NINES exhibition” at Senbikiya Gallery
2008: Graduate-groupe exhibition at Gallery Lebain
2008: Solo exhibition at Gallery b.TOKYO
2009: Solo exhibition “idola specus”

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