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Exhibition "Selected Point of view 08"
12th, Dec -29th, Dec 2008
reception party 19:00-21:00/12th, Dec
place: gallery POINT

Inquiry about this exhibition@

The gallery POINT is pleased to announce the opening of exhibition
"Selected Point of view 08" .
It is a first group exhibition by the artist represented by gallery POINT.
The exhibition is for the generalizes conventional activity,and It will let us tell the new course in the future.

Gallery POINT was established in an extreme location of warehouse trace under elevated of Toyoko line in Daikanyama Tokyo in 2002.
The gallery moves to the bookbinding factory trace in Ebisu-nishi by redevelopment in 2005.
From the place, the gallery have sensitively felt the era tendency and social circumstances.
The sub-culture, the street culture, and the contemporary art are connected with each other complicatedly.
It is an important characteristics in the modern Japanese culture.
The artist whom we choose is born from chaos of such a culture.
It is an environment where the artist who had both reformative view and the high technology is born in the future.
Gallery POINT is thinking that want to radiate a lot of "point of view" that will make your life change.
It seems to be a spinning mirror ball in the modern society which was covered to a cloud.

director of gallery POINT: Shinya Furui

@@@artist profile

Misato Ban
1977 born Ishikawa Japan, lives and works in Ishikawa and Tokyo,Japan.
Young Japanese artist Misato BAN explores both the distance and proximitybetween nature and people in her work and delicately forces the viewer to reflect on being part of nature. She creates a daydream-like atmoshere portraying everyday moments and exploring her poetic thoughts, aiming to create a feeling of balance between nature and contemporary life.BAN invokes an inter-connectedness with the natural world, and suggests that people are just one part of nature and just one part of life on earth.
She studied B.A. oil painting at Kanazawa College of Art, Japan.1998,She won Grand prix of "The Shell Contemporary Art Awards"
Then she move to Antwerp in1999 and studied at The Royal Academy of Antwerp.
Then ByamShawSchool of Fine Art.?inow Saint Martins College Of Art and Design?j
From 2001 to 2004 she studied Fine Art in London and got M.F.A at The Slade School of Fine Art (UCL)in
2007@AOSANDOU Art Fair.
2008@101TOKYO Contemporary Art Fair 2008
2008@Solo exhibition"cascade shower"/gallery Source
2008@Solo exhibition "beautiful scapes"/galleryPOINT

gcascade shower_4h
Oil on linen

Kaori Yuzawa
Born in 1971.@Lives and works in Tokyo.
Studied bookbinding, photography, experimental film at San Francisco Art Institute.
Artist who is chiefly expressing vision caused from own inspiration by photograph technique.
It appears only momentarily after the fog clears up, and comparing it is a way of the
impact scenery that no one was to have imagined. So this is reflected image through the mirror in herself.
And It sees it like the accident that happens in the vicinity.
The image came from Japanese myth,childhood memory,dream and supernatural phenomenonA similar concept on the drawing and the installation production.
At the solo exhibition held in Ireland in 2007 hGalway Art Festivalh.
The big praise was gained from the art critic and journalists.
Selected solo exhibitions
2000/ "in and out"/Free space 3/Tokyo
2001/"they go through the door"/Gallery TRAX/ Yamanashi
2004/"she left her sorrows behind"Gallery Taiga/Nagoya
2005/"janitor of ghost"/Gallery Taiga/Nagoya
2006/"after the fog"/Gallery Point/Tokyo
2006/"fog peeler"/Uplink Gallery/Tokyo
2007/"after the fog"part 2/Ardbia Gallery/Ireland-hGalway Art Festivalh
Selected group exhibitions
2001/"clothes as art"/Gallery 360/Tokyo
2001/"2000"in door life"/Nagoya
2003/"poetry of sex presents"/Gallery Rocket/Tokyo
2003/" Femme OS9"/AustriaEGermany
2004/"360records exhibition.the planet"/Uplink Gallery/Tokyo
2006/"Trax group show"/Gallery Trax/Yamanashi
2008/ 101TOKYO Contemporary Art Fair 2008

She is going to participate in Stockholm / MIRAI PROJECTS in December, 2008.

gsmoke and boyh 1030x1460mm
digital-silver halide print

Kentarou Tanaka
The Artist who begins to draw spectacle in Architectural scenery by minute touch.
If you see an his actual work, you will see a kind of new aspect to modern society.
You will notice it isn?ft in the world of his mere imagination.
1977 Born in Shiga, Japan
1998 The 10th graphic art "3.3" exhibition selecting
1999 Graduated from the Nagoya Zokei University of art and design
1999 CNIPC New Poster competition grand prix winning
2008/ 101TOKYO Contemporary Art Fair 2008
2008 Solo exhibition "HARIDWAR"/galleryPOINT

Indian ink on paper

Yozo Takada
The purpose of his photographs is more than just focusing on particular things in history and geography like documentary,but juxtaposing the Future on the daily life of the present, to continue thinking and taking pictures concerned with unknown things,the present, and humanity.
*1971/Born in Sapporo, Japan
*1995/Graduated from the college of art and design of Tsukuba univercity
*1996/Traveling throughout Asia for six months
*2002/starting profeshion as a photographer.
*2008/ 101TOKYO Contemporary Art Fair 2008
*2008/A scholarship system to overseas by Agency for Cultural (government)currently living and working in USA.

windless hill (4)
digital-silver halide

Ayako Suwa
Born in Ishikawa Japan in 1976. Graduate in visual design of Kanazawa college of art in 1999. Start the works of "food creation" in 2006. The concept is "The concept is delivered to the stomach". Representing the new value of the food. A means to express are conceptual catering,food performance,exhibition and the invention of the new food products.

Career of 2008
Performance/ "LOST TONGUES2" at 101TOKYO Contemporary Art Fair 2008.
Performance/"Blind taste" at Anniversary press party
at Shinjuku ISETAN depertment food floor.
Exhibition/"Sensuous food, emotional taste" at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.
Exhibition/"MIMI" at gallery POINT with Muga Miyahara.
Performance/"TIME CREVASSE" at YOKOHAMA International Triennale of Contemporary Art 2008.
*2008 She is going to participate in "Asia on the Edge 2008 in Singapore"
Exhibition at The Art house and performance.

"sensuous food, emotional taste,"
digital-silver halide

Hiro Kurata
Born in Osaka Japan, and grew up in Tokyo and Chicago.
After it graduates of Parsons School of Design, New York, NY
BFA, Illustration.currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.
The rt work is inspired by various things including the Greek myths,
baseball cards, and JAPANIMATION-MANGA culture.
He is an artist who gather these contemporary themes.
And expressing his own fantastic world.
2004 Parsons School of Design, New York, NY BFA, Illustration
*2006.6 "Berlin 46" Galerie Mille D'air, Berlin Germany
*2005 "Illustrations & Paintings /Works of 2003-2005" Hanae Mori Open Gallery, Tokyo
*2003 "LEI UJIKA INC. Hiro Kurata Exhibition" LEI UJIKA INC. New York, NY
*2008/ 101TOKYO Contemporary Art Fair 2008
*2008 "HEROIC "^gallery POINT
*2008 "The Wonder: Andy Kehoe, Ben Kehoe & Hiro Kurata"GROUP EXHIBITIONS
Black Maria Gallery(LA)

"Ace de Goban"@@365~260~25mm acrylic, oil and ink on wooden panel

Born in Tokyo 1981. Ly is an artist, who constructs scenery that characters who appear in her inside world. Weave in chain these scene and is expressing it as painting. When her picture is seen first, you may feel "death and sexual image" on the world. Secondarily, it yearns. It is a yearning for jumping over the contemporary borders. For instance, it the discommunication and the sex or character difference, etc.--that spread to the society. The message concealed from the work can be seen here and there.
*2007 solo exhibition "worlds end"/galleryPOINT.
*2008/ 101TOKYO Contemporary Art Fair 2008
*2008 solo exhibition "sleep walker"/WALL art gallery.

gI can see?@crack in the wallh
Ink on paper@2008

It participated in international artist group "Barnstormers" as an initial original member.
An impressive wall painting was announced outdoor and indoors.His work became a new topic in international painters-network.After 2003, The artist ?gsasu?h--She is a life partner of KAMI,
The collaborative project ?gHITOTZUKI?h It has been left in a lot of countries through joint production with her.It has already expressed high acclaim in foreign countries through the group exhibition participation with ?gArt Basel Miami Beach 2007?h at the end of last year.
It participates in the "X-color" exhibition in the ?gART TOWER MITO?h in 2005.

*2005 "X-color" groupe exhibition in ART TOWER MITO
*2007 painting the huge wall painting project the Chitose-karasuyama Ward office.
*2007 "Art Basel Miami Beach"
*2008 "The resurrection "solo exhibition^gallery POINT
*2008 "Akasaka Art Flower'08"
*2008 "NAMES Fest" at Prague Czechoslovakia
*2008@ 101TOKYO Contemporary Art Fair 2008

He is going to "away to home" solo exhibition^gallery TRAX in Nov 2008

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