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ByamShawSchool of Fine Art(現Saint Martins College Of Art and Design)にて学ぶ。
2004年、The Slade School Of Fine Art(UCL)にてM.F.A修了。
2005年gallery POINTにて人間と植物の関係性を表現した作品シリーズ「garden」を発表。
2008年gallery Sourceにて滝をモチーフにした作品シリーズ「cascade shower」を発表。


Misato Ban
1977 born Ishikawa Japan, lives and works in Ishikawa and Tokyo,Japan.
Young Japanese artist Misato BAN explores both the distance and proximitybetween nature and people in her work
and delicately forces the viewer to reflect on being part of nature. She creates a daydream-like atmoshereportraying
everyday moments and exploring her poetic thoughts, aiming to create a feeling of balance between nature and contemporary life.
BAN invokes an inter-connectedness with the natural world, and suggests that people are just one part of nature
and just one part of life on earth.

She studied B.A. oil painting at Kanazawa College of Art, Japan.1998,She won Grand prix of "The Shell Contemporary Art Awards"
Then she move to Antwerp in1999 and studied at The Royal Academy of Antwerp.
Then ByamShawSchool of Fine Art.?inow Saint Martins College Of Art and Design?j
From 2001 to 2004 she studied Fine Art in London and got M.F.A at The Slade School of Fine Art (UCL)in 2004.
2007 AOSANDOU Art Fair.
2008 101TOKYO Contemporary Art Fair 2008
2008 Solo exhibition"cascade shower"/gallery Source
2008 Solo exhibition "beautiful scapes"/galleryPOINT

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